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Ask Eve is an online resource paying homage to the "Dear Abby" advice columns of the past, specifically formatted for women in search of advice about life, love, and most especially, faith. Those who utilize this resource do not have to identify as women or as Christians; anyone in search of guidance is welcome to write in with their questions or simply share their struggles. The members of the Chronicles of Eve collective receive your message and craft their reply based on personal experience, professional knowledge, and scriptural reference to the best of their abilities, always with the utmost care and discretion.  


The societal pressure of perfection leads so many to carry their scars in silence, Christian women especially—those outgoing about their faith and those more private—feel shame in telling their stories. The founders of Chronicles of Eve know Christianity to be a home for the broken. They recognize the need for empathy and advice without judgment for women from all walks of life struggling to bravely speak their truth in the midst of a culture that popularizes the social media "highlight reel." 


To submit a message to Ask Eve, fill out the form below with your name and email address. Note that if you wish to remain anonymous, you may choose to only put your first name or write in a pseudonym that the collective may address their response to. Please write a subject line to your message that describes the nature of your inquiry or a few words that pertain to the story you're bravely sharing.

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