the CoE mission

We honor your storieswe are your stories.

Chronicles of Eve began when its founder, freshly out of college and striving to walk in the Word of God every day, discovered how difficult it was to share the stories that brought her to her personal dependence on Christ. In the Christian sphere, she recognized the need for more authentic vulnerability about life’s hardships, as well as advice for those in need of it, from Scripture-found wisdom and Christlike empathy. She understood firsthand how religious perfectionism and today’s self-oriented culture could make it so daunting for individuals, especially young women, to bravely speak their truth. This sparked the idea for the Chronicles of Eve collective, a faith-themed organization and online community with the purpose of helping direct women carrying the weight of a heavy past towards a light-filled life, one without shame or regret, by fostering honest connections through storytelling.

Starting with its founder’s own stories in the form of folk and indie-inspired music, Chronicles of Eve hopes to empower all seekers of Jesus to walk in truth, unashamed of the roads that got them there, together, in Him. While CoE was founded for women, it’s a safe haven for any individual in pursuit of God’s truth, our purpose according to His will, and humbling Christian community.


letter from the collective


Dear Wanderer,

Maybe you’re coming here amidst brokenness and looking for a place to find solace. Maybe you’ve walked alone on your journey with God and felt unworthy, imperfect, and criticized. Maybe you have nowhere else to turn and no one left who will honestly listen to your story.

This collective is a safe haven founded for you, in order to help direct anyone carrying the weight of a heavy past towards a light-filled life, by fostering honest connections through storytelling.

The societal pressure of perfection leads so many to carry their scars in silence. CoE is a way of speaking over the voices of our past by uplifting the truth of each other, for it was Jesus Himself who made disciples of the broken. It’s our hope that the collective will be for you what it is for us: a refuge.

This is a space where you can openly share your struggles, be inspired to find hope in Scripture, and connect with others who have been walking on that foggy road to salvation beside you, even if you couldn’t see them, even if you don't know your next step.

Write to us, and we’ll write back. Share your stories and empower others to do the same. Ask the questions you can’t ask of your community, and we’ll be the friend that doesn’t bow to what’s comfortable, but stands up for what’s right—in Him, for you—always.

We honor your stories, we are your stories.


Circle around…let’s seek fellowship

Wondering where to start? We’ve got a few options for you.


Chronicles of Eve, the music

With Chronicles, meaning stories, and Eve, representing every woman, this music is redemptive at its core, seeking to span the spiritual breadth of time, from the story of original sin to the complex histories of love and loss women carry in the world today. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud soon.


Ask Eve

Ask Eve is an online resource paying homage to the “Dear Abby” advice columns of the past, specifically formatted for anyone in search of spiritual advice about life, love, and reliance on Christ. Anyone in search of guidance is welcome to write in with their questions or simply share their stories.

the library

The Chronicles of Eve library offers book recommendations on a variety of subjects, from Christianity to psychology, to poetry, and more. CoE selects these titles in keeping with the our mission, listed above, as well as to inspire truth-seekers on their respective literary journeys.


the C.A. Meyer essays

On her personal website, C.A. Meyer aims to write at least one essay a month, which reflect the goings-on of her mind for anyone curious enough to read about them. They are written on a handful of topics dearest to her heart: faith, living, history, travel, and writing. Click here to keep up.