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A podcast for all those striving to overcome the scars of their past, embrace God's will for their future, and emulate Jesus every day in the midst of a hyper-critical culture. Each episode voices one brave, imperfect person's story of struggle and salvation. Subscribe, rate, and review now.

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On Christians Marrying Young & How to Start A Dialogue with God

In this episode, your host, C.A. Meyer speaks with Chardae Jones, a Houston-based Christ follower and vibrant inspiration with multiple callings. Chardae bravely shares her story of what it was like for her to marry young in the Christian community and gives her sage advice to others about how to start an authentic dialogue with God.


On Loneliness, Sexual Temptation, and Keeping in Step with the Spirit

In this episode, your host, C.A. Meyer speaks with Marsha Cohen, a New York City-based Christ follower and scripturally savvy advice-giver. Marsha bravely shares her story of what it’s like to deal with loneliness in the city that never sleeps, how she overcomes sexual temptation in her every day life, and offers her advice on how to stay in step with the Holy Spirit.